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hi guys good morning Date: Apr 4th @ 10:27am EDT
guys, what a bore, I want this quarantine to end quickly, but it only takes a month and it's 3 months, I don't know how we will endure so many things that come for us, we just have to be strong and have patience
what will be lunch today Date: Mar 31st @ 2:51pm EDT
hehheh is the only thing we can think of in these days of quarantine, that we can eat for lunch, (it makes you more hungry in quarantine)
Heyyy helloo Date: Mar 31st @ 2:49pm EDT
guys, 13 days in quarantine, I already forgot where I leave the keys to my house, hehehhehe (lies just kidding_) I hope everyone is fine and can leave soon
Hello guys Date: Mar 17th @ 11:36am EDT
Hello darling, I want to know if you are well, protect yourself from the virus, stay safe, from any virus that may touch you, I want you to be well
Hello guys Date: Mar 3rd @ 1:34pm EST
Hello guys, you have been a long week and I have not been able to write, but I miss you a lot, I read every message from you motivates me and it puts me in a good mood, well I have to go to classes, I see you, kisses
Hello Guyss Date: Feb 14th @ 9:40am EST
Hello guys !!! HAPPY SAN VALENTIN, many wishes, go out and share with your favorite people and enjoy a day of love and property, it will be a great day to share with the person you love most, Sammy Wishes you a Happy Valentine
come back guys Date: Feb 10th @ 1:40pm EST
I came back guys, I'm sorry for leaving and not telling you, but I had to take a vacation for health, I was aware of you on Twitter and Instagram, I had many messages of love and concern, but I'm here, I spent a holiday with my mother and it was so cute
hello dear diary Date: Jan 25th @ 11:18am EST
This week was incredible, I have learned to make more women, I have learned to be an adult, it is not easy to learn to lead your life alone and make choices, I think life is hard but it makes your way of thinking more simple and beautiful
Ttto Date: Jan 21st @ 8:55am EST
I want to tell you that in sammy's body there is a new accessory, I don't know if you like it but it is a new tattoo I think it looks sexy on my waist, I want to know if you like leave me your comment on my profile, sammy will answer you kisses pretty late
hello babies Date: Jan 21st @ 8:54am EST
Hello my loves I'm sorry for losing me so much, but I've been a little busy, add my number so you can call me on my phone, my number is on my broadcast page, go and call me to say hello to sammy it will be fun
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