Sammy Burns's Recent Blogs

My blogs are private just to my fan club members! I can write dirty fantasies or keep you updated about my life with my blogs.

hellooo guys Date: Jan 19th @ 10:23am EST
Sammy is here returned with you, let's encourage us and do something amazement, and dirty
Helloo Guys Date: Oct 29th @ 5:04pm EDT
I'm here again, I want to fulfill a new goal, before ending the year, let's hope that thanks to you can fulfill them
Hello Guys Date: Jul 6th @ 5:10pm EDT
Hi guys, how am I? I'm glad that these are fine, I have been away from everything, but it is for my health, I hope to see you soon, I have been online, but I do not improve my schedules, I hope I find myself, thank you honey kisses
Hello girls good night Date: May 30th @ 3:00am EDT
Today is a confusing night, I would like to know many things in life, there are times when I get very confused and not what I want, I forget my goals, and my mind goes blank, I hope that someday I will find all the answers
I think my hair went crazy Date: May 25th @ 2:19pm EDT
I thought I could fix my hair with a nice color, hehehe but the results were not what I thought and it was like a sun, I hope you do not laugh at my hehhe, I will remove it in a while, it is not easy to remove this paint from my hair
I think my hair went crazy Date: May 25th @ 2:18pm EDT
I think my hair went crazy
Hi guys, you missed me Date: May 22nd @ 10:13pm EDT
Yesterday I was resting, and I wanted to go to a quiet place away from the city, I went to the mountain where I could see the whole city and look at everything from a different point of view, m, I thought of everything I wanted and everything I can achieve If I behave well and start to mature, I hope that this year I will learn many things and grow as a person
the surprise is coming soon Date: May 15th @ 1:16am EDT
I will be doing many types of shows, for my most loyal customers, I hope that all of you are here, this day is very special for everyone, and a very unique moment
Hello guys Date: May 15th @ 1:15am EDT
Hi guys, I have not shared anything of my life with you for a long time, I have been a difficult few months, with many mixed feelings, and many confusions, but I hope we all get out of this, we are all strong
hello babies Date: Apr 7th @ 10:00am EDT
Good morning, I hope everyone is well and that he is at home with his family protecting himself from the virus. Today I wanted to do my different routine, hehehe. I took the afternoon to work, but I'm here, it won't happen again.
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